This site promotes Vellum LLC's legal services and provides legal information. It does not provide legal advice and does not create an attorney client relationship.

Phew! We got the legalese out of the way. That will make the lawyers and judges happy. Now let’s try to do this in plain English.

1. Don’t try this at home

Some things look so easy. It’s tempt­ing to say: I can do this myself. But remem­ber, the experts make things look easy because they’ve had years and years of train­ing and prac­tice. Have you ever tried jug­gling bowl­ing pins?

The same is true with lawyers. They’ve had years and years of edu­ca­tion and prac­tice. They’re the experts.

This site isn’t try­ing to make you a legal expert. It’s not here to help guide you to decide a par­tic­u­lar action. It’s only try­ing to intro­duce you to legal con­cepts and inform you about the law. It doesn’t know your sit­u­a­tion. It wont ask you all the right ques­tions. It only pro­vides you with gen­eral legal infor­ma­tion. It only gives you ques­tion­naires that cre­ate base­line doc­u­ments that need attor­ney review. So take the time and learn as much as you can. If you do, you’ll be much bet­ter equipped when you go to a lawyer. You’ll have a bet­ter idea of what to ask. You’ll bet­ter grasp dif­fi­cult legal concepts.

The other thing to remem­ber is that the law con­stantly changes. We’ll try to keep our infor­ma­tion updated, but may not be able to keep up with ever chang­ing laws. So our infor­ma­tion might be outdated.

2. We’re not an item, but we hope to be

Please don’t take this per­son­ally, but just because we’re giv­ing you legal infor­ma­tion, pro­vid­ing ques­tion­naires, or allow you to con­tact us elec­tron­i­cally doesn’t mean that you (the vis­i­tor) and (Vel­lum) are an item. Vel­lum is not your attor­ney until you sign a fee agree­ment or pay for our ser­vices. So don’t tell us any of your secrets (the con­fi­den­tial stuff) until we have this rela­tion­ship in place. Then we’ll let you know when it’s OK to send us your con­fi­den­tial information.

3. We’re not that kind of guy

We don’t do tax law. Have you seen how many tax laws there are? It takes a spe­cial type of per­son to know that stuff. Peo­ple like CPAs and tax attor­neys. We’re not part of that spe­cial group. So if you have tax ques­tions, go see one of those peo­ple who are part of that group.

OK. There are our dis­claimers. We hope you took the time to read it much more slowly then the guys who read those legal dis­claimers on radio ads.